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Frequently Asked Questions

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I’m ready to go!  What are the next steps?

You’ve made the first step by exploring our website!  We encourage you to also fill out the Contact Us form.  Here is a link to our Design Agreement which details our design process.  Please feel free to call our Showroom to ask any questions and make your free consultation appointment: Houston: 281-633-2656 or Richmond: 281-633-2655


YES! You need an expert to analyze your space, review architectural constraints, recommend appropriate appliance sizes, design the best working layout, specify and build the cabinetry to precise measurements, and coordinate proper installation. Every inch in a Kitchen counts. Our technical expertise then continues through the critical stages from design to installation.  This is a carefully coordinated process to make sure your project looks great and functions properly for years to come.

For the additional design services of selecting the countertops, hardware, fixtures, colors etc. our Showroom Designers are available to assist as much/or as little as needed, and the hourly rates are billed separately from the Cabinetry.  Our Team is expert at pulling together these coordinated decisions creatively and efficiently, but we believe in giving homeowners the flexibility of handling these steps themselves, or perhaps working with an outside decorator.


If I already have chosen a contractor, will your designers will work with him?

Absolutely. Most our ongoing cabinetry projects involve working with outside contractors. We know how to coordinate the critical details that your contractor will need to accurately build the space. Our design drawing will include wall dimensions the detailed framing dimensions, cabinetry dimensions, window and door centerlines, appliance model numbers, as well as plumbing and electrical notes. With our expertise, this becomes an efficient and professional working relationship. We still prefer for The Kitchen & Bath Showroom to handle the cabinetry installation, as described above, and most contractors are willing to relinquish this specialized task knowing that our Team then takes full responsibility for the cabinetry now and in the future.


We strongly recommend that our Team handle this critical step.  Our Installers are truly experts in working with our cabinetry.  They will be responsible for verifying all the final measurements for sign-off, receiving and transporting the cabinetry safely into the jobsite, expertly installing the cabinetry, hardware and appliance panels to ensure perfect function, as well as making sure the final touch ups look great. Our installation is also guaranteed with free adjustments and touch-ups during the first year, as well as the labor on warranty items. Click here to view our Installation Agreement for a complete list of the services we provide as part of our Installation.

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